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If the G:I ratio is less than 4.5, horse is severely IR. If the G:I ratio is between 4.5 and 10, the horse is compensated IR. A G:I ratio greater than 10 is normal.
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A RISQI greater than .32 is normal. A RISQI less than .32 indicates IR. A RISQI less than .22 indicates severe IR.

Some horses will have a normal G:I ratio and RISQI but still be in danger if the glucose is over 100. An MIRG greater than 5.6 will indicate IR in these cases.

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Leptin is more sensitive than insulin and can still be abnormal even if insulin is not.

Risk of IR increases at the higher leptin values although sudden changes in nutrient requirements, such as foaling or starting a regular training program, can result in leptin in the 5 to 6 range.

Range of Leptin Results

IR can be diagnosed from insulin (RISQI) and leptin alone, but it's helpful to know glucose to make sure the hrose is not in the diabetic range.

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